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Why Windsor Hall Might be the Right Choice for your Child

Is your child graduating from Grade 7? Learn why Windsor Hall might be the right choice for your child.

Summary- Windsor Hall is an International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (IB MYP) candidate school located in Richmond, BC. This school offers grades 6-8, making it a great school for your child to attend instead of an intimidating high school. Windsor Hall provides opportunity and skills to students. The program gives them the support they need to be successful in higher education and beyond. Apply to Windsor Hall and discover the IB MYP experience!

Who are we?

Windsor Hall is a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme and is pursuing authorization as an IB World School. Our middle school is located in Richmond, BC. The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) is for students aged 11-16. We offer grades 6 to 8, small class sizes, extra curricular learning and a school bus service to Richmond, White Rock, and Delta!

Why IB?

IB is a great way for your child to get a head start on their higher education. Through this program they will become future leaders and problem solvers. Subjects are not taught in isolation but in a larger context and collaboratively. The program promotes creativity, critical thinking and instills values in children. It prepares students at an early age for university.

Middle School vs. High School

High school can be daunting with its large student population and buildings. The age difference between the oldest and youngest grades are so far apart that it can become overwhelming for younger kids to be in a school with them. Having a middle school with small class sizes to attend will help students transition easier from elementary school. In a middle school they will be able to get the support they need from their teachers in a more comfortable environment. Whereas in high school teachers are more hands off. This is the reason attending a middle school will be beneficial for your child to succeed in school and beyond!

Taught by experienced teachers:

Mx. Braydee Procillo is a grade 6 teacher at Windsor Hall. They have a Bachelor of Education degree from Vancouver Island University. With a passion for social justice, theatre, and working with youth, they have enjoyed being able to live, play, and learn in such a beautiful place. Since then, they have had the pleasure of teaching primary and intermediate grades for two years on the unceded traditional territory of the Coast Salish First Nations (Surrey, BC.)

Mr. Daniel Hanley is a grade 6 teacher at Windsor Hall. Daniel studied at Ohio Wesleyan University where he majored in Biology and minored in Humanities Classics. Upon graduation Daniel decided he wanted to share his love for biological science with children, so he went on to earn his Master of Arts in Science Education from Teachers College of Columbia University in NYC. Daniel went on to become a tenured High School Teacher at the High School for Environmental Science in New York City. Daniel has worked as an educator at various independent schools such as Canada Royal Arts, St. John's Academy, the Westside School, and most recently Windsor Hall where he is taking on a new challenge as a 6th-grade teacher working in a collaborative team. Each of these experiences has helped inform Daniel's worldview and drive his passion for education and helping others succeed.

At Windsor Hall, your child will feel more comfortable being in smaller classes as they will have access to more one-on -one learning with their teachers. Through our curriculum they will also get all the benefits of an IB education. Windsor Hall is the perfect transition step for your child after elementary school!

Visit for more information and to book a school tour today!

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