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Windsor Hall Band Club:

The after-school music program gives students the opportunity to join a band composed of fellow musicians from our school. House Band members are expected to perform live shows in and out of school throughout the year.

We will teach students how to play together as a band. Performance is the core ​of our educational approach. As such, we will create additional opportunities for students to perform on stages throughout their community. The House Band music program allows our talented students the opportunity to join a band and play and perform routinely. Once a member, students will have the opportunity to gain real music experience in a fun learning environment!

Windsor Hall Coding Club:

Coding is the process of building computer programs that perform specific tasks. From apps and video games to vital medical technology, our world runs on code! Coding fosters life skills like critical thinking and problem-solving, leading to increased confidence.

Just like reading, writing, and math, every child can learn to code. With the right instructors and teaching tools, getting started is easy. Our coding club will help your child explore and develop their skills in coding. Students will also have the opportunity to join the Canadian Computing Competition.

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